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Is Weighing Yourself Healthy? | Everyday Health HP NEWS

Have you weighed yourself today? This week? Would it surprise you to know that, as a registered dietitian-nutritionist, I haven’t weighed myself at all in almost three years?

The last time I stepped on a scale was only a few months after the birth of my last child, and I remember feeling a crushing blow from the number I saw. It was at that exact moment that I made a conscious decision never to weigh myself again.

Why did I feel the pressure to have “bounced back” to my pre-pregnancy weight so quickly anyway? Well, as a woman raised in the United States, I have been all too conscious of my weight for as long as I remember, and, unsurprisingly in our weight-obsessed culture, there was not a single moment I ever felt I was the “right” weight. Even when I dropped 15 pounds from the stress of planning my wedding, it didn’t feel like it was “enough.”

Now, as a health professional and mother to a daughter, I reflect on this relationship with the number on the scale in a very different way. Worrying about a number is not healthy and is not something I want to participate in any longer.



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