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Sundance Film Festival Tips: Drink Water, Pack COVID Tests and More HP NEWS

The Sundance Film Festival is returning in-person for the first time since 2020 and all the same rules apply: Stay hydrated, dust off your most comfortable snow boots and leave the formal wear at home. An in-person Sundance will surely reinvigorate the festival, but some attendees might be feeling a bit overwhelmed after two years at home. Not to worry. Below are Variety’s essential tips for surviving the Sundance Film Festival.

Keep Drinking Water
The altitude in Park City can be a doozy, so get ahead of it by doubling your daily water intake. Sundance veterans know to start hydrating a week before flying to Park City. Bring a reusable bottle or Thermos with you to Park City so you always have water by your side.

Pack COVID Tests and Cold Meds
Will Sundance be a super-spreader event? The truth is that Sundance was already a super-spreader event before COVID thanks to the infamous “Sundance flu.” There’s almost always a bug that rips through the festival each year, so come prepared by packing plenty of cold medicine (DayQuil and Advil are essential). Now that COVID is in the mix, pack at least two at-home COVID tests because who knows how difficult it will be to get tested in Park City.

What to Wear
Sundance casual means tuxedos, gowns and high heels aren’t needed. Cannes, this is not. Pack jeans, sweaters, flannels, gloves and snow hats. Boots are the most essential item, but don’t bring a new pair to Sundance. With all the walking, plus the elevation on Main Street, you’ll want your most comfortable, worn-in pair with you. Also, pack extra socks in your bag before you head out each day as slushy, muddy streets could require a change (or two) later.

Learn the Transit Map
You can’t rely on ride-share apps like Uber or Lyft in Park City because traffic skyrockets during the festival and the streets get bottlenecked. The festival isn’t entirely walkable either, since many theaters are a few miles from Main Street (including the Eccles, where all the big premieres screen). Familiarize yourself with Sundance’s transit map ahead of time as the festival provides free buses and shuttles. They’re easily accessible and almost always on time, too. The Theater Loop will be your new best friend.

Food Advice
The beloved Adolph’s is closed, so where to dine? Taste of Saigon is a Main Street staple for Vietnamese food and Chimayo is reliable Southwestern fare. El Chubasco is Mexican food on the cheaper side and Fuego has the best pizza, both of which are located right by Sundance’s Marriott headquarters. Atticus is your go-to for quick bites and coffee on Main Street. Because restaurants get so crowded and wait times soar, the smartest thing to do is go to Whole Foods on your first day and load up on snacks and sandwich essentials. Get cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, then make lunch at home and take it with you.

Watch Out for Black Ice!
No really. Don’t get hurt, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. dited copy:



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