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Record-breaking ‘Toadzilla’ found in Australia HP NEWS

STORY: This giant cane toad ‘Toadzilla’ has been found in Australia

Weight: 6 pounds

Kylee Gray spotted the toad during a patrol in Conway National Park in Queensland

(Kylee Gray, Park ranger)

“I was standing on the right of our buggy and looked down and yeah, right near my feet, probably about 40 centimetres away from where the snake was originally. There was this monster cane toad. It shocked us!”

“We’ve been nicknaming her ‘Toadzilla’. We considered naming her Connie after Conway National Park. But ‘Toadzilla’ was the one that just kept getting thrown out there, so that kind of stuck.”

Toadzilla was later euthanized due to its ‘ecological impact’

and its body was donated to the Queensland Museum for research

(Barry Nolan, Senior park ranger)

“One of the big problems with the cane toads is that, is their breeding capabilities. A female cane toad like potentially ‘Toadzilla’ would be, would lay up to 35,000 eggs. So their capacity to reproduce is quite staggering. And all parts of the cane toad’s breeding cycle are poisonous to Australian native species, so prevention is a big part of how he need to manage them.”



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