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Monster Cane Toad ‘May Be Largest Ever Discovered’ HP NEWS

A monster cane toad weighing nearly six pounds (2.7 kg) has been discovered by rangers working in Queensland’s Conway National Park.

Footage posted by Queensland Environment shows a ranger holding the giant amphibian. A caption accompanying the footage branded the creature “Toadzilla” and said it could be the largest of its kind on record.

Ranger Kylee Gray was “shocked” to find the giant specimen, Queensland Environment said. “I reached down and grabbed the cane toad and couldn’t believe how big and heavy it was,” she said.

Cane toads are poisonous, have no natural enemies, and are considered an invasive species and a pest, according to an Australian government website. They are said to eat almost anything they can swallow, including household scraps, meat, pet food, insects, small mammals, and even snakes.

The toad was euthanized, the ABC said, and was to be taken to the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. Credit: Queensland Government via Storyful

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