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How We Feel About Disability and What We Say About It HP NEWS

As those who read Life With Multiple Sclerosis regularly know, I’ve been rehabbing from a series of falls that occurred over the Christmas holidays. I’m on a good trajectory for recovery, but my change in mobility devices has brought new attention to my disabilities.

To take some strain off my injuries, my physiotherapist prescribed using a forearm crutch on my left (most affected) side. I usually support that side by using a stick or cane in my right hand. Using a crutch on the weak side, to relieve the injury, then leaves my “MS side” compromised.

That means two crutches for me for a few weeks. No hiding my disability with a fashionable cane for now. …

‘I Fell’ vs. ‘I Had a Fall’

This change in appearance has been cause for both questions and comments. People in our town — even friends — don’t see me out and about much unless I’m having a relatively good day. With my crutches, I look a bit like a Star Wars AT-AT Walker.



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