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Is TikTok’s Raw Carrot Salad Healthy? HP NEWS

Can a raw carrot salad a day keep the doctor away? Yes, according to the latest viral trend sweeping TikTok, which purports that tossing shredded root veggies with some vinegar, oil, and a few other ingredients will help balance hormones, aid digestion, and may even cure migraine.

The hashtag #rawcarrotsalad has amassed over 22 million views, with some videos demonstrating how to make it topping one million views. “It’s the salad that changed my life,” TikToker Chloe Roehrig claims in one of them. Another user, Paige Nicole, claims she has seen a “huge difference” in her hormonal acne, “especially right after my cycle.”

Many of the videos credit the salad to Ray Peat, PhD, “who found that there was a unique fiber in carrots, which helps bind excess estrogen in the body and eliminate toxins,” explains Sam Wolk, who credits herself as a nutritional therapy practitioner, in a video. While videos touting the health benefits of the salad have been circulating on TikTok since the summer of 2021, there has been a post-holiday resurgence in recent weeks.

Does raw carrot salad live up to the hype, and should you consider incorporating it into your daily diet? We asked experts for their take on the viral diet trend.



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