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Pakistani all-rounder Shadab Khan suffered an injury -HP NEWS

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Pakistan’s all-rounder Shadab Khan suffered an injury.

Shadab Khan suffered an injury in his debut match for Sussex in the T20 Blast in England.

Shadab collided with fellow fielder Nathan McAndrew while trying to take a catch against Somerset, both fielders trying to take a high catch from Tom Koehler Cadmore.

The match was stopped for 10 minutes due to the collision between the fielders, Sussex medical staff helped the players on the ground.

After completing concussion protocols, Nathan McAndrew completed his four overs as Shadab Khan walked off the ground due to protocol.

According to the head coach of Sussex, Paul Fabrice, Shadab Khan is being monitored, he is better, he has a pain in his neck.

Doctors said it is best to take him out of the ground, due to nerves and concussion all precautions were taken, it could have been the worst but the cricketers are better now.



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