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Assassination of late British Queen on US visit planned: FBI reveals -HP NEWS

According to the documents, the Irish-born man from San Francisco wanted to avenge his daughter’s death by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland from Queen Elizabeth – Photo: File

Secret documents released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have revealed that there was a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth (II) during her visit to the US in 1983.

Documents released after the Queen’s death revealed how the FBI foiled an assassination plot while protecting the Queen.

According to the documents, a month before the Queen’s visit, a San Francisco police officer was told by an Irishman in a pub that he would take revenge on Queen Elizabeth for the death of her daughter by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland. The threat to Queen Elizabeth’s life was taken seriously by the Republican Army.

According to the documents, the police officer said the man could drop something on the royal boat from the Golden Gate Bridge to harm the Queen during her visit, while swimming under it or in Yosemite National Park. Can try to kill.

The documents did not go into much detail about the security measures or the arrests, but said intelligence agencies had decided to close the bridge before the Queen’s boat approached the Golden Bridge in response to the threats.

The documents also reveal that the pilot who flew a small plane over Battery Park on the occasion of the Queen’s visit, flying the ‘England out of Ireland’ banner, was also issued a summons.

It should be noted that Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Lord Mountbatten was also killed in a bomb attack by the Irish Republican Army.

The 102-page document was released on the FBI’s website under a Freedom of Information request by the media.



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