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Intelligence Agency Report
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On May 9, Murad Saeed told this to the party leaders through his tweets and directed that demonstrations should be started at the specified places/file photo.

ISLAMABAD: An intelligence agency has informed the government that what happened on May 9 and 10 was planned long ago and Imran Khan was allegedly involved in it.

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The report states that most of the PTI leaders were not aware of the alleged plan, it was kept secret and only a few trusted loyalists (whose names are in the report) were aware of it and that was it. There were people who conveyed the instructions of Imran Khan to other circles of the party.

The intelligence agency, quoting PTI insiders, alleged that Imran Khan had specifically given instructions that pre-arranged places and locations should be targeted in case of his arrest.

On May 9, Murad Saeed conveyed this to the party leaders through his tweets and directed to start demonstrations at the specified locations.

Imran Khan has repeatedly shown himself and his party’s indifference to the events of May 9. Instead, he has insisted that the PTI has held peaceful protests in the past as well.

He alleged that agencies were behind the disaster and that it was aimed at banning the PTI. Imran Khan has demanded that an independent inquiry be conducted into the incident so that the facts regarding the events of May 9 can be revealed.

The News contacted PTI Spokesperson Sadaqat Abbasi to find out his position on the intelligence agency’s report. Abbasi categorically denied that the events of May 9 were pre-planned or that Imran Khan had given any such instructions.

He said that he is the main leader of PTI’s Rawalpindi region and clarified that no such instructions were conveyed to him and that was the reason for the peaceful demonstration outside Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has taken the name of Imran Khan for inciting his workers in the incidents of 9. According to the intelligence report, Asad Umar, Murad Saeed and Azam Swati are close associates of Imran Khan, along with Yasmin Rashid, Hammad Azhar and Aun Abbas Bapi are from Punjab, Murad Saeed and Umar Ayub are from KP while Ali Zaid is. The name of Sindh, Ali Nawaz Awan Islamabad and Qasim Suri have been included in the incidents in Balochistan.

According to the intelligence agency, since being ousted from power, Imran Khan has tried to create an aggressive but false narrative and has floated a number of conspiracy theories, including plans to assassinate him at the hands of the intelligence agency, from a global nexus. Things like

The report added that Imran Khan had so poisoned the minds of his supporters that they openly insulted the army and its senior leadership, using various social media platforms. It was Imran Khan’s well-thought-out plan, with the help of which the people were prepared to fight with their own army.

The agency has stated in its report that with the help of his inflammatory sermons, Imran Khan deliberately made accusations against senior officials of the army, including Army Chief, DGISI, DGC, etc. They were accused by Imran Khan by name.

The agency also reported that Imran Khan was so disappointed that in a meeting to review PTI’s performance regarding the May 6 rally in Rawalpindi, he staged the rally at Kachhari Chowk (near Army House) cantonment. PTI strongly scolded the Rawalpindi chapter for terminating at Murreer Chowk instead of terminating at the area.

The report states that Imran Khan knew that the party’s first and second-tier leadership would not protest violently in case of his arrest. Stay in touch through online platforms like .com, which included Imran Tigers and ISF workers.

It has also been reported that Imran Khan organized the party up to the Union Council level to increase the capacity of the party and mobilize workers immediately.

He had sworn loyalty to his workers that they would stand by them and follow their instructions in all circumstances. Imran Khan expected the people to protest violently in large numbers. He was led by some of his advisers to believe that chaos would spread everywhere in the country and the government, including the military leadership, would be forced to kneel down and get their terms.

The military’s show of restraint unnerved them and they mistakenly believed that the army was weakened and unable to withstand their pressure. If they gather at important places, the army will also suffer from turmoil from within.

The intelligence agency has also mentioned the global aspect in this situation. It has been reported that spokespersons like Zalmay Khalilzad of Western countries campaigned for Imran Khan with the help of the US Deep State. Some independent observers have tried to link this whole situation with the current actions of the IMF and have said that some international players want Pakistan to default and chaos will spread in the country.

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