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Russia began transferring nuclear weapons to Belarus -HP NEWS

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Russia began transferring its nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus.

Speaking to journalists on the occasion of his visit to Moscow, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus has begun, but Russia did not comment on this.

It should be noted that in March, an agreement was reached between Russia and Belarus to have nuclear weapons, while the Western countries strongly opposed this agreement.

On the occasion of the agreement, Russian President Putin said that an agreement has been reached with Belarus to keep tactical nuclear weapons on its territory, the United States also keeps nuclear weapons on the territory of European allies, and the Russian initiative violates nuclear non-proliferation agreements. will not be violated.

It should be remembered that Russia’s neighboring country Belarus is also a neighbor of European Union and NATO member countries Poland and Lithuania.

Belarus has offered its territory to Russia as a launching pad for nuclear weapons, while Belarusian troops have also begun training on Russian missile systems since last month.



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