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The brothers gave a dowry of crores including gold, silver and land to the sister on her marriage -HP NEWS

2.21 crores in cash was given as dowry while 100 bighas of land worth 4 crores was given: Bharati Media / Photo Bharati Media

It is said that the love of brothers for sisters is worth seeing, brothers consider it their duty to fulfill their every wish including pampering them, the recent example of this is in front of everyone.

8 crore dowry including gold, silver, property, expensive cars was given by 4 brothers to their sister which everyone is surprised to hear.

According to Indian media, this unique and most expensive marriage has been arranged in the Indian state of Rajasthan, where four brothers gave their sister a dowry of crores in Nagor district of Dhangsara village.

According to the Indian law, giving dowry is prohibited, while those who demand dowry with their own mouth are sentenced to 7 years in prison, but despite this, Rajasthani brothers gave their sister the most expensive dowry.

According to reports, 2.21 crores in cash, 100 bighas of land worth 4 crores, 1 kg of gold worth 71 lakhs, 14 kgs of silver worth 9.8 lakhs, a tractor worth 7 lakhs and also the wedding guests were given as dowry. Gifts were given, the total value of which was in crores of milla.



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