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A new addition to the list of countries banning TikTok -HP NEWS

The use of Tik Tok was banned by other countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand.— Photo: File

After banning the Chinese application, France also joined the list of countries to ban TikTok.

France has banned the ‘recreational’ use of TikTok and other applications on the phones of government employees.

According to a statement released by the French Ministry of Public Sector Transformation and Civil Services, the ban imposed by the government will be implemented immediately.

According to foreign media, French officials say that to ensure the cyber security of civil servants and administration, the government has decided to ban the use of ‘recreational’ applications like Tik Tok on the professional phones of employees.

According to the authorities, the downloading and use of the Chinese application TikTok was banned by France’s European and international partners. Due to security concerns, France has also decided to ban the application, but in professional matters. Use of the application will be exempt.

It should be noted that earlier the use of Tik Tok was banned by other countries including America, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand.



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