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Bribe for exchange, suicide attempt of MS from government hospital in Karachi -HP NEWS

The father has allegedly told the bribed officials of the health department responsible for the suicide: son Shahnawaz. Photo file

The medical superintendent of the government hospital in Karachi was heartbroken and tried to commit suicide due to the illegal demand of a bribe.

On the night of March 14 and 15 in Karachi, 59-year-old Dr. Abdul Aziz Sodhar was found half-dead in his room, upon which the family immediately took Dr. Abdul Aziz Sodhar to the hospital, where it was reported that Dr. Aziz had attempted suicide.

According to Dr. Abdul Aziz’s son Shah Nawaz Sodhar, the father has allegedly told the bribed officers of the health department to be responsible for the suicide.

Shahnawaz Sudhar says that Dr. Aziz was posted as MS in a small government hospital near Malir Labor Square two years ago but when the government handed over the hospitals to PPHI, the management of the hospital Declined.

The son of the doctor who attempted suicide further said that Dr. Aziz, fed up with the mismanagement, informed the District Health Officer, Malir, Dr. Maqbool Memon, about the situation, which did not help, so the father took a 4-month leave. If he wanted to return after that, he was asked for a huge bribe for the appointment.

Dr. Abdul Aziz’s sister, Dr. Badrul Nasa, says that the health department has taken action on Dr. Abdul Aziz’s initiative and ordered the investigation of Dr. Aziz’s allegation by removing the section officer of the health department, Agha Altaf Hussain.



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