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The President of China arrived in Moscow on an important visit -HP NEWS

Chinese President Xi Jinping/AFP Photo

Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Moscow on an important visit to Russia.

According to Chinese media reports, the President of China is expected to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during his visit to Russia.

The visit comes as the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for the Russian president on charges of war crimes in Ukraine.

This is the Chinese President’s first visit to Russia in 4 years and he is the first world leader to meet the Russian President after the warrant issued by the ICC.

According to reports, President Xi Jinping will discuss economic, political and security issues during his 3-day visit.

Before arriving in Moscow, the Chinese President described his visit to Russia as a trip of friendship, cooperation and peace.

In an article written for a Russian newspaper, the Chinese president said, “I will work with President Putin to advance the relationship between the two countries.”

According to the statement issued by Moscow, the two leaders will discuss further improvement of mutual relations.

The statement said that important agreements will be signed during this time, but did not elaborate on this.



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