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Even Imran Khan is not safe in Pakistan, why should India go there to play the Asia Cup? Harbhajan Singh -HP NEWS

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Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has made a statement regarding the participation of the Indian cricket team in the Asia Cup scheduled in Pakistan this year.

It should be noted that Pakistan has to host the Asia Cup cricket tournament this year, while India has refused to send a team to Pakistan. It is of the opinion that the Asia Cup should be shifted from Pakistan to another country.

Pakistan has also threatened to withdraw from the World Cup held in India this year due to India’s announcement of not participating in the Asia Cup.

In this situation, former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has also advised the Indian cricket team not to come to Pakistan.

Talking to the Indian media, Harbhajan said that I think India will not go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup because the conditions there are not better, something new is happening day by day, even their Prime Minister Imran Khan is not safe in Pakistan. Some people shot, in such a situation, why did the Indian team go to Pakistan and play the Asia Cup?

He said that in my view, India should not go to Pakistan under any circumstances and Asia Cup matches should also be played at neutral venues.

Apart from this, Harbhajan said that even if ICC events are held in Pakistan, still India should not go there.

It should be noted that 13 people including the PTI chairman were injured and one person was killed in the assassination attack on Imran Khan in Wazirabad on November 3 last year.



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