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Their plan was chaos outside the court, I will get out of the car and be killed: Imran Khan -HP NEWS

The Queen of Lies says the level playing field will be the election, the level playing field is to get me out of the way, this is part of the London plan: Former Prime Minister – Photo: Screen Grab

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government wanted to arrest me and take me to Balochistan with the aim of not being able to issue election tickets to any member of his party.

In the video statement, Imran Khan said that I decided to hold a rally on March 8 and on March 7 the police allowed us to hold a rally. The next day we were surprised when containers started appearing everywhere. 144 As it may seem, I asked for the March 8 rally to be canceled at 5 pm as there was a risk of chaos.

He said that I asked to shift my case in the session court that there is a fear of attack on me, the case should be shifted, instead of shifting the case, my warrant was issued, the warrant has also been issued for Rana Sana. Not done, they charged Shilling lathi in Zaman Park.

They said that they wanted to arrest me and take me to the jail of Balochistan. The purpose of my arrest was that I could not issue a ticket to any member of my party. It is part of the London Plan to be removed.

Regarding the previous day, Imran Khan said that people were ready to die in Zaman Park, they told me not to leave, I left for Islamabad, they wanted to put me in jail or kill me, I went to Lahore High Court, people went with me. No one had told me, people were afraid that they would not allow me to do anything, these people were trying to provoke by shilling so that something would happen.

He said that I reached outside the court with difficulty, I only went to attend, when we were outside the court, tear gas was shelled there as well, when I went to the door of the court, Rangers, police and unknown persons were seen. The plan was to somehow get out of the car in chaos outside the court and kill him, like the shilling that happened in Islamabad if the car was not pulled out quickly, there would have been blood, if the shilling in Islamabad had not been pulled out, there would have been a massacre.

They said that they were not ashamed of what the High Court had ordered, they went to the Anti-Terrorism Court and asked them to take out the search warrant. Liquor bottles and kalashnikovs were found, petrol bombs were found, idiots petrol bombs are not rocket science, put oil in a bottle and throw it is a petrol bomb.

The former prime minister further said that 96 cases of terrorism, murder were made against me, cases are made against me when I leave home.



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