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‘Don’t make me a part of dirty politics’, Afridi’s explanation on Imran Khan’s viral statement -HP NEWS

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Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi denied the viral statement on social media attributed to him about Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

Shahid Afridi released a video message on Twitter and said, “Since yesterday, I have seen that a statement attributed to my name is going around with reference to Imran Khan, this is very sad news, whoever is doing this is very dirty.” Trying to do politics’.

The former captain said, “I don’t want to get involved in their politics, nor am I a part of it. Alhamdulillah, I have so much courage that if I have to say something, I will say it myself. Show me anywhere that I said such things about Imran brother.” Be’

He requested that ‘please don’t make me a part of this dirty politics, you people are blessed with your politics, I believe in only one type of politics and that is to serve the people and the country’.

It should be noted that a statement attributed to Shahid Afridi has gone viral since yesterday, according to which he said that Imran Khan should be arrested so that the problems in the country can be reduced.



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