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Have you heard the Chahat Fateh Ali Khan version of ‘Kahani Suno’? -HP NEWS

Kafi Khalil’s super hit song Kahani Suno, which was released in 2021, is quite popular among music lovers these days and has received more than 13 million views on YouTube so far.

The popularity of this song by Keefi Khalil forced other singers to sing the song in their own voice, among them Pakistani singer Aima Baig and Dutch singer Emma Hesters.

But now another musician and singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan who is famous on social media has also tried this song and presented his own version of this song.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has previously performed his own versions of many other songs which his fans have been enjoying a lot. Recently he also released his own anthem of Pakistan Super League 8 which went viral on social media.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Kahani Sano version has also been welcomed by social media users while some have trolled him.

It should be noted that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s real name is Kashif Rana and he is living in UK these days.



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