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I am a cruel director, I used to cut the breasts of those who did not come to the set: Faisal Qureshi -HP NEWS

After sitcoms and commercials, Faisal Qureshi is ready for his film debut as a director.

The trailer of Faisal Qureshi’s film ‘Money Back Guarantee’ released on Eid-ul-Fitr has been released. The cast of the film includes famous artists Fawad Khan, Ayesha Umar, Mikal Zulfiqar and other names, while former Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram and his His wife is also ready to enter the field of acting.

In a special conversation with Geo Digital, director Faisal Qureshi said that he had completed the story of the film in two weeks, but the shooting phase of the film was slow due to Corona.

Which actor was the most nervous on set? In response to the question, Faisal said that we cut the breasts of those who did not come to the set, after which they got scared and started coming on time. They will tell their names themselves, but the most tense on the set is Mane Hi Kiya, I am a cruel director.

Wasim Akram and his wife acting was easy or difficult? On the question of ‘Wasim Akram’, the director said that he has worked with Wasim Akram before and came up with the idea of ​​talking to him for a role. has had experience before, he has a humorous nature and even behind the scenes he used to crack some joke or the other but his character is not funny.

According to Faisal Qureshi, as far as Shanira is concerned, she too was excited about her role and will see viewers in the role of a foreign journalist.



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