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Opportunity to move to European country with family for online workers -HP NEWS

This visa program has been in the works for a long time and has been launched since January 2023 / Reuters Photo

Are you a freelancer or work from home for a company? So you can move with your family to European country Spain.

If you can meet the conditions of Spain’s new visa program, you can live there with your family.

According to the Spanish government, the new visa program is aimed at attracting ‘international teleworkers’.

This ‘Digital Nomad’ visa program is for online work-from-home workers in a variety of fields and many people around the world are showing interest in it.

According to Google search trends, Pakistan is at the 5th place among the countries with the most searches for digital nomad visa Spain.

So who is eligible?

According to the government of Spain, this new visa program is for foreigners who are working online in computers or other fields of telecommunications.

Following are the requirements for those wishing to obtain this visa.

1. Applicants must be from countries outside Europe.

2. Be a freelancer or employed by a company operating outside of Spain.

3. No criminal record in Spain or elsewhere in the last 5 years.

4. A company that is also operating in Spain must have health insurance.

5. Be qualified in your field, which requires proof of a university degree or work experience.

6. An individual applying for the visa program must provide proof of work history, freelancers must prove a professional relationship with a foreign company within 3 months.

7. The applicant must have enough capital to support his stay in Spain, his minimum monthly income must be 2680 dollars (more than 7 lakh Pakistani rupees).

8. The successful candidate can also take his family to Spain but then the minimum monthly income will be different, if the applicant wants to move to Spain with a family of 4, his minimum monthly income is 4350 dollars (11 lakh Pakistani rupees). more than ) must be.

So what is special about this program?

According to Harvard Business School Associate Professor Prithviraj Chaudhary, Spain’s new visa program is interesting for 2 reasons.

He said that the tax rate for most workers will be 15 percent, while these workers will be able to earn 20 percent of their income from local companies in Spain.

According to local companies, many people are buying homes in Spain to use for their own employment and we expect the Digital Nomad program to increase the number of foreign workers.

It should be noted that such digital nomad visa programs have been introduced by several countries around the world, so as to get the attention of people who work from home due to the corona virus epidemic.

According to experts, such programs are also important for the economy of the host countries as these foreign workers will not only come and invest capital but also bring with them technical know-how and resources.

Similarly, the property market will also benefit.



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