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Destruction due to heavy rains and flood situation, 36 people died -HP NEWS

Sao Paulo recorded 600mm of rain on Sunday, more than expected this month: media reports/photo courtesy of BBC

The flood situation created after the heavy rains in Brazil caused havoc as a result 36 people were killed and many were displaced.

According to foreign media, a flood situation occurred in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo after heavy rains and storms, while the rains also caused landslides in different places, as a result of which 36 people have been confirmed dead so far.

According to media reports, due to heavy rains and flood situation, the highway also got submerged while the rescue teams are busy in evacuating the people trapped in the flood and restoring the roads.

Local authorities say that 600 mm of rain was recorded in Sao Paulo on Sunday, which is more than expected this month.

According to the Mayor of Sao Subsatio, a region of Sao Paulo, search and rescue teams are unable to access most of the locations due to the severe flooding, while we still do not have an accurate estimate of the damage, only rescuing the victims. It is our priority.

According to the mayor, since the rains, more than 50 houses have been completely washed away and dozens of people are missing, while more than 35 people have been confirmed dead and many have been displaced.

The Civil Defense Authority of Brazil has expressed fear of more deaths due to the flood situation.



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