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Ahsan often can’t tell the difference between me and his wife Manal: Ayman Khan -HP NEWS

We both have very similar voices, often I and Manal talk on the phone instead of each other: Ayman’s conversation on the program__Photo: Instagram/Ayman Khan

Ayman Khan and Manal Khan, the well-known twin sister duo of Pakistan showbiz, their husbands often mistake their wives for their similar looks.

This was disclosed by Ayman Khan in the program ‘The Mirza Malik Show’ of digital platform Urdu Flix.

Host Sania Mirza asked Muneeb Butt, ‘This is a very serious question, how many times do you get confused between Ayman and Manal?’

Ayman replied that it has happened many times, in the beginning it used to happen a lot and still often we can’t tell the difference between the two but Manal’s husband gets more confused because he is new in the family, so he knows. Does not work.

Muneeb Butt replied that I am not confused at all, I know who my wife is, it used to be enough in the beginning.

Ayman Khan added that we both have similar voices, often we talk on the phone instead of each other, even both Manal and I unlock each other’s iPhones with Face ID.



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