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I think a woman is complete without a man: Sajal Ali -HP NEWS

If marriage happens, it is good but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that it is incomplete: Sajal Ali’s conversation/Photo: File

Pakistani actress Sajal Ali has said that I think a woman is complete without a man.

Recently, actress Sajal Ali gave a quote for her film ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ A digital interview During the discussion on the thought found in South Asia regarding the marriage of girls.

To the host’s question, Sajal Ali said in response that you yourself know that a girl is not complete even without marriage, if she gets married then it is a very good thing, but if not, it does not mean that she is incomplete. Is.

The actress also said that I feel complete, I celebrate every day because of the love, respect and prayers that exist. It should be emphasized that marriage should be done only after attaining age or graduation, rather it should be given the freedom to marry when a girl feels that she needs someone to be with.

Talking about acting, Sajal Ali said that I am afraid of people’s expectations on me that if I am not able to give my best, to tell the truth, I don’t trust myself enough if people think about my work. When people encourage me, I often don’t even believe it.



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