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Significant progress in the investigation of the attack on the Karachi police office -HP NEWS

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Major development in Karachi Police Office attack investigation, KPO begins investigation through geo-fencing.

Police sources say that more than 100 numbers were identified as suspicious in the geo-fencing at the time of the attack, details of all the numbers and other necessary information are being obtained.

Police sources say that 10 to 12 numbers have been closed since the attack, call data from outside the city has also been found from the closed numbers.

It should be noted that a 5-member committee headed by DIG Zulfikar Lark has also been established to investigate the terrorist attack on Karachi Police Chief’s office yesterday.

A five-member committee will probe and investigate the attack on the Karachi Police Office, while the chairman of the committee can also add more members to assist in the investigation of the matter.

It should be remembered that in the evening of February 17, 3 terrorists were killed in the attack on the Karachi Police Chief’s office on Shaara Faisal, while 3 security personnel and a police officer were also martyred in the attack.



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