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Asif Ali explained the practice of 150 sixes -HP NEWS

Asif Ali, the aggressive batsman of Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Islamabad United, has said that he is a human being and not a machine who can score 150 runs in a day.

In a special conversation with Geo News, Asif Ali said that I am a human being and not a machine that I will hit 150 sixes a day. Was doing, who can hit one hundred and fifty sixes? A maximum of fifteen to twenty shots can be practiced.

He said that my effort is to bat according to my aggressive style, there is a day with six sixes. I will try to do it in a way, PSL as well as all cricket is important to me, at this time PSL is going on so that is the focus, PSL is one step away from international cricket. PSL performance comes in handy, will try to do well here.

Asif Ali said that it is good that fast bowlers like Ehsanullah are coming, I am very happy to see the fast bowling of Ehsanullah, Ehsanullah bowls with consistency and a speed which is a good thing. Islamabad United have had an aggressive style of playing cricket since the beginning, we try to keep the strike rate high which is appreciated by all.



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