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Ali Wazir and Imran Khan -HP NEWS

Ali Wazir belongs to Ahmadzai Wazir tribe of South Waziristan. His father, Mirzalam Khan, was called the Chief of Ahmadzai and spoke his Toti in Puri Wana Tehsil. He and other members of his family were active in nationalist politics, while his clansmen were also divided across the border.

Mirzalam Khan was influential on both sides of the border due to the lack of restrictions on entry and exit in the past. While studying at Gomal University, Ali Wazir was associated with a nationalist student organization, while after graduating from the university, he became engrossed in nationalist and anti-Taliban politics. In 2003, his brother Farooq Wazir was killed in a target killing.

In 2004, Ali Wazir’s father Mirzalam Khan was arrested under the FCR’s black law. He was later released but Ali Wazir was arrested under the same law in 2005. He was in jail while his father Mirzalam Khan, his brother Tariq Wazir, uncle Saadullah Jan Wazir and cousin Feroze Khan Wazir were unknown. Killed by people. Similarly, on May 1, 2020, his cousin Arif Wazir was also killed in Imran Khan’s government. In addition to human financial losses, there were other losses. I remember that a few years ago Ali Wazir’s family had a market in Wana with more than a hundred shops. A suicide attack took place in which a major was targeted. So, under the law of collective responsibility and FCR, their market consisting of more than hundred shops was blown up with gunpowder.

I knew Ali Wazir and not any of his family members but I remember when his market was demolished I raised my voice against him on Jyotv. However, Ali Wazir continued to raise his voice against Talibanization and military operations in Wana Tehsil while people like Manzoor Pashteen in Mehsud area. Manzoor Pashteen had earlier formed a youth organization named Mehsud Tahafuz Movement, in which later Ali Wazir etc. also became his comrades and when he was coming to Islamabad to stage a sit-in, the brutal murder of Naqeebullah Mehsud took place in Karachi. Due to which this movement got nationwide recognition.

The case of Manzoor Pashteen is different from that of Ali Wazir but painful in its own way. His grandfather volunteered in the wars of 48 and 65 for the freedom of Kashmir and was also awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Pakistan Army. His father was a school teacher and had built a library in the house in which his father’s certificate was also proudly displayed. When Manzoor Pashteen returned to his area after the operation during the reign of General Raheel Sharif, his house was missing, but he was most saddened by the disappearance of the books and this certificate.

Till date the state has not rebuilt the destroyed house of Manzoor Pashteen and he has rebuilt his small house with mud and mortar. On the other hand, Manzoor Pashteen’s identity card is blocked and his passport is not being allowed, due to which he has not traveled abroad till date. In the Islamabad sit-in, Mehsud Tahafuz Movement was renamed Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement, but since it is not a political party but a movement, all kinds of people joined it. I also strongly disagree with some actions and some slogans of some people of PTM, that’s why I did not become a part of this movement and continued to support or oppose it issue to issue.

Ali Wazir was arrested and released several times before, but in 2020, in Imran Khan’s government, Ali Wazir was arrested on the basis of a speech against the army chief and the army, and Bilawal Bhutto’s government against him at the behest of the army. A case of sedition was established. He was kept in the Central Jail of Karachi far away from home. Meanwhile, even for the vote of confidence for Shahbaz Sharif, the speaker did not have the courage to release him on production order. During this entire period, he neither cried, nor begged anyone, nor apologized to anyone, but the most tragic thing is that no high court moved for him in the way that it did for the PTI people. Is.

But so many dead bodies were lifted from Ali Wazir’s house and being oppressed, you also discount the reaction of a human being to their treatment, but Imran Khan, Azam Swati or Shahbaz Gul etc. And their houses have not been demolished in the same way. Still, the judiciary also comes into action for them and mainstream media analysts speak day and night, but Ali Wazir and Manzoor Pashteen cannot even express their grievances to the mainstream media, which is the mainstay of the 4 leaders of PTI, the judiciary and the Bar Association. Desperate for rights, none of them have raised the question in recent years as to why PTM’s activities are in the mainstream media.

In recent days when Ali Wazir was granted bail in all the cases, even then he was not being released but no high court took notice because now it is argued in the courts that such and such a leader is very popular and maybe Ali Wazir does not occupy this “high” position of popularity. Yesterday, an official of the bar sent me a resolution condemning the cases against PTI leaders by the Islamabad High Court Bar. I have also passed, then they became silent and disappeared.

However, Ali Wazir was released on bail and now this popular leader has announced Jail Bharu Movement, so I have advised him to get his leaders coached by Ali Wazir on how to cut prisons. Ali Wazir was inducted into Imran Khan’s government for criticizing General Bajwa and the Pakhtun ministers of his government called him a traitor and a foreign agent at the expense of the establishment, but I believe that Ali Wazir is in the larger interest of the nation. Imran Khan and his colleagues must be willing to train them to spend jail time with courage and encourage them not to panic.

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