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Nida issued a message to trollers for giving the wrong answer to the question of winning the World Cup -HP NEWS

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The famous morning show host of Pakistan, Nida Yasir, took the trollers to task for giving a wrong answer to a question regarding the Pakistan Cricket Team winning the World Cup.

Shoaib Akhtar’s program Rawalpindi Express started on the digital platform Urdu Flix from February 17, the teaser of which was released on the social media account of Urdu Flix in the past few days.

In the show, two well-known morning show hosts of Pakistan, Nida Yasir and Shaista Lodhi participated as guests. During the show, Shoaib asked the question, “When did Pakistan win the World Cup in 1992?”

After hearing the question, Nida thought a little and then looking at Shaista asked, “Did you win in 2006?” To which Shaista shook her head in the negative, it was seen in the video that Shoaib stopped Shaista from saying anything.

After that, Nada again asked Shaista that ‘I won in 1996?’ On which Shaista Lodhi stared at him, after which Shoaib changed the question and said when did Pakistan win the 2009 World Cup? Nada replied in 1992, to which Shaista said, “Listen to the question.”

The above clip of Nida Yasir and Shoaib Akhtar went viral on social media, on which users trolled Nida Yasir a lot.

However, now Nida Yasir’s statement in this regard has come out.

Nida wrote on her Instagram story that ‘What have I done? People forget their date of birth and date of marriage and many other things.

He wrote that ‘I know that there is a lot of depression due to the situation, if my mistake brings a smile on your face, then laugh openly, but who will taste it if God blesses him’.

Photo: Nida Yasir Instagram screenshot
Photo: Nida Yasir Instagram screenshot

Nida Yasir said that those who truly love me will continue to do so, so my slogan is back!



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