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Heterosexual male and female heterosexual will share in inheritance under male and female: Senate committee agrees -HP NEWS

In the Transgender Persons Protection Act, 2018, the word “transgender” has been replaced by “Khansa”: Chairman, Senate Committee. Photo file

The Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights has agreed that heterosexual men and heterosexual women will get a share of inheritance according to Islam under male and female.

The meeting of the Senate Committee on Human Rights was chaired by Chairman Waleed Iqbal, in which the officials of the Ministry of Human Rights told the committee that the implementation of the establishment of a Transgender Protection Center in Islamabad is in progress, for this purpose more than 2 crore rupees. The money has been spent, more than Rs 1.5 million has been proposed for the next financial year, this center is not for providing shelter but for providing facilities, separate rooms and beds for transgenders in the shelter Terlai.

Chairman Standing Committee on Human Rights said that we have removed the definition of transgender, the definition of transgender has been added in the new bill.

Senator Waleed Iqbal said that we do not take responsibility for the Urdu translation of the work we have done, we have written in the bill that no one shall force a khansha to beg, dance and do any defamatory work. The Urdu translation was also wrong.

Chairman Committee Waleed Iqbal said that in the Transgender Persons Protection Act 2018, the word “transgender” has been replaced with “Khansa”.

Senator Humayun Mohmand said that you should include the definition of Khantha in it so that there is no ambiguity, on which the chairman committee said that this matter is in my mind but will discuss it at his own time. It should be done, if the child’s gender is ambiguous at birth, the parents should go to the doctor.

In the meeting of the Standing Committee on Human Rights under the chairmanship of Senator Waleed Iqbal, it was agreed that the parents will be prohibited from abandoning or handing over the orphaned child.

The Senate committee also agreed to segregate the transgenders in prisons.



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