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Pakistan has qualified for the Javelin World Cup -HP NEWS

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Pakistan has qualified for the Tent Pegging (Javelin) World Cup, the national players expressed their determination to give the best performance during the World Cup, on the last day of the competition, there was also an interesting competition of cutting Malta with a sword and removing the target.

In the Javelin World Cup Qualifying Round organized by the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan and Punjab Rangers in Lahore, national athletes won gold medals in individual and team games in the javelin competitions.

In individual and team events, the Pakistani team dominated, overall, Pakistan secured the first position with 527 points, while Jordan was second with 517 points.

Equestrian Federation President Sahibzada Sultan Mohammad Ali said that the Tent Pegging World Cup will start from August 23 in South Africa, 9 teams are participating in the event, the national team will compete with strong teams during the World Cup.

After the colorful opening ceremony of the Javelin World Cup Qualifying Round held in Lahore, there were intense competitions during two days while the culture of Punjab was presented in the closing ceremony.



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