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‘We thought the earth would stop’, the shocking story of sisters who survived 4 days in the rubble -HP NEWS

Two sisters, Elif and Zeinab, from southern Turkey, were pulled alive from under several tons of rubble 4 days after the earthquake / screengrab

In Turkey, despite being buried in the rubble after many days, people are being miraculously brought out alive. Among these people, there are two sisters from Turkey, whose story of being buried in the rubble brought tears to the eyes of those who heard it.

According to an Arab media report, two sisters Elif and Zeinab from southern Turkey were pulled out alive from under several tons of debris 4 days after the earthquake.

Talking to the Arab media, a girl named Elif said that at the time of the earthquake, we were on the bed, we thought that the ground was shaking and would stop, but it did not happen, first one side of the building collapsed, then the whole room collapsed and we Duran managed to sneak under the bed.

Talking about the hard and difficult days, Zainab said that during those days, I could not sleep, I was very thirsty, but I could neither move nor walk. We were also lost but then we got a voice and we were saved which was unbelievable for us.

Despite this miracle, Elif and Zainab are sad because there is still no news of their parents.



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