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What did Ali Zafar teach Katrina Kaif? -HP NEWS

I told Katrina Kaif that the wedding is my own, neither she came to the wedding, nor I went: Pakistani singer. Photo file

Pakistan’s famous singer and actor Ali Zafar says that when he went to India for the film, Katrina Kaif was an Urdu teacher because she did not know Urdu.

Ali Zafar, while speaking at the Meet the Star session during the Pakistan Literature Festival in Lahore, said that the house in which I was born is a scholarly house, there was always progressive talk in the house.

He said that there are good and bad things in everyone, so you should look at the middle, not good and bad. My father used to ask what will you do in life if you don’t do CSS? But I knew from childhood what I wanted to be.

He further said, I didn’t want people to respect me by seeing my car and number plate, I wanted people to respect me because of my work, Tafa in Trouble was created to make Pakistan proud, in Pakistan. There is a lot of talent.

Ali Zafar said that I told Katrina Kaif that the marriage is her own, neither she came to the wedding nor I went, Katrina Kaif is a very hardworking actress and focuses on work, I was Katrina Kaif’s Urdu teacher because she Urdu was not spoken.

During the session, Ali Zafar jokingly said that no star will be born after me.

The singer said that the new kids have a platform, we didn’t have that much in our time, got fame because of the song Chhuno but used to tell the cable guys to play my song, it was hard to be famous then.

Ali Zafar said, I have created a virtual Ali Zafar, his name is AZX, AZX will be seen in the next video, the song will be released on February 14.



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