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The Congress member showed a mirror to the Modi government on its double policy -HP NEWS

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Imran Partab Garhi, a Congress member from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and a young Urdu poet, showed a mirror to the government on the duplicitous policy of the Modi government.

Imran Partab gave an impassioned speech in the Rajya Sabha in which he said that whoever asks film star Modi in an interview whether he eats mango by sucking it or by cutting it, he gets a red carpet welcome and Shah Rukh Khan. A hateful campaign is being conducted for India’s name in the whole world?

Showing a mirror to the Modi government, he said in the speech that the slogan of equality and equal development of all Indians is false and hollow.

During his speech in the Rajya Sabha, Imran Partab Garhi said that at the time of the triple talaq law, when Modi was claiming that he wanted to give Muslim women their rights, at the same time the convicts of Balqis Bano’s rape were being released in Gujarat.



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