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HomeNewsA World War II bomb explodes in Great Britain -HP NEWS

A World War II bomb explodes in Great Britain -HP NEWS

Photo: Norfolk Police

A World War II bomb detonated in Great Britain, the sound of the explosion was heard up to 15 kilometers away while citizens felt the tremors in buildings.

According to foreign media, a 250-kilogram World War II bomb discovered 4 days ago in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, British county, was detonated and exploded.

Norfolk police officials say that British agencies, the military, the police and the bomb disposal squad have been busy trying to defuse the bomb for three days.

Police officials say that due to precautionary measures, there was no loss of life as a result of the blast, the area was evacuated before the administration took action to defuse the bomb and erected a sand wall at the bomb site. had gone

Police officials said that there was a pothole in the road at the site of the explosion, which has been opened for all types of traffic after being repaired.



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