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Praise for Khawaja Asif’s lawyer in Imran Khan’s court -HP NEWS

You threw the case, it was not a case, you made it, I will think about hiring you later: PTI Chairman’s conversation with the lawyer / file photo

ISLAMABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan praised Khawaja Asif’s lawyer for cross-examining him in the defamation case.

In the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad, a defamation case against Khawaja Asif was heard by Imran Khan, in which Chairman PTI appeared in the court through video link, in which Khawaja Asif’s lawyer cross-examined Imran Khan. .

After completing the cross-examination by Khawaja Asif’s lawyer, Imran Khan praised him and while talking to the lawyer said that you threw the case, the case did not exist, you made the case, I should think about hiring you in the future. will

Meanwhile, Imran Khan spoke to the judge that Shaukat Khanum Hospital is the biggest charity organization, I am the biggest charity collector in Pakistan, Khawaja Asif’s accusations against me are baseless, if the charity is suspected, the donation will end. It happens, I want to save Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Tehreek-e-Insaaf is the only party which runs on donation.

Imran Khan requested to pronounce the judgment of the defamation case as soon as possible, on which the judge said that I think that the case should be decided as soon as possible.

Later, the court adjourned further hearing on the case till March 4.



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