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Shahid Afridi’s Interesting Comment on Designing Qalandar’s Cut Son-in-law -HP NEWS

Photo: Social Media

Shaheen Afridi, the captain of Pakistan Super League team Lahore Qalandars, has designed the kit of his team Qalandars, after which he is in a lot of discussion on social media.

The kit of Lahore Qalandars for the 8th edition of PSL has been designed by team captain Shaheen Shah Afridi and has a map of the city on it.

Now during a conversation in a private TV channel, Shahid Afridi was asked about this, which he was unaware of.

The former captain said that he did not know the kit was designed by Shaheen.

At the same time, Shahid Afridi made a funny comment and said that Shaheen did not design his wedding suit, how did he design the kit?

Both the hosts laughed at Shahid Khan Afridi’s comment, after which Lala himself also laughed.

It should be noted that before the unveiling of the kit, Atif Rana, the CEO of Lahore Qalandars, had announced that Shaheen Afridi is our captain, he is also designing the new kit. will blow



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