Sunday, March 26, 2023
HomeNewsHasan Ali ran away with Shadab's father's bag in Wilme -HP NEWS

Hasan Ali ran away with Shadab’s father’s bag in Wilme -HP NEWS

National cricketer Shadab Khan’s celebration took place yesterday, various videos of which are viral on social media.

Another video of Shadab Khan’s party has surfaced on social media, in which fellow cricketer Hasan Ali was seen making fun.

During the group photography on the stage at the Valmay ceremony, Hasan Ali kept playing pranks and ran away with Shadab’s father’s bag.

It can be seen in the video that Shadab’s father made Hassan sit at his level, but Hassan did not stop joking and started running away with Shadab’s father’s bag. Done.

Before this video, other videos of Hasan Ali are also going viral in which he was seen greeting Shadab in a unique way and kissing her on the forehead.



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