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Ex-husband hits frying pan on head for giving cold food, reveals Komal Rizvi -HP NEWS

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Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi has revealed that her ex-husband tortured her to such an extent that he even hit her with a frying pan on her head for giving her cold food.

Komal Rizvi recently appeared on YouTuber Nader Ali’s podcast where she talked about her failed single life and abuse by her husband.

She said that I got married at the age of 21, after which I moved to Dubai for a year and then stayed in Oman for 3 years. My husband was mentally ill and abused me.

He said that a girl is told from childhood that she will have a very sweet marriage, her husband will take care of her and in our society a girl tries 200% to make her marriage work.

Komal Rizvi said that I suspect that the society does not teach girls what is the limit, let alone the husband, if any other person crosses this limit, his self-respect and self-confidence will go away. Your happiness will be ruined.

He said that no one taught me these things, I was only told to take care of my husband, cook, listen to his parents, all this is fine, but girls should also be told their limits.

The singer said that it took me 4 years after marriage to believe that there is nothing wrong with me in this relationship. I used to believe that if my husband hits a frying pan on my head when he gives me cold food, then it is my fault. It is a mistake.

Komal said that I was so young that I thought that if I love more or work harder, my husband will be happy.

He said that if I had been taught that tolerating excessive abuse is also a sin, it took me 4 years to understand, I would have already taken the decision of divorce.

Komal Rizvi said that I am extremely happy about the divorce, but the sadness is that I wasted my youth for this person.



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