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Renowned singer Kailash Kher’s confession of trying to commit suicide by jumping into the river -HP NEWS

I jumped into the river Ganges to commit suicide but was spotted by a man who immediately jumped behind me and saved me/file photo

Kailash Kher, a big name in the Indian music industry, has admitted to attempting suicide in the past.

In a recent interview, the singer said that there was a phase in his life where he wanted to end his life because he was facing constant failures.

Kailash Kher said that ‘to survive I did many jobs that people think many times before doing, I was 20 or 21 years old when I started my business in Delhi’.

The singer further said ‘I used to make handmade items, I used to send them to Germany but unfortunately the business suffered a huge loss after which I went to become a Rishikesh Pandit’.

According to Kailash Kher, ‘I began to feel inferior everywhere, due to constant failures I thought of suicide and I jumped into the river Ganga to commit suicide, but a person saw me, who immediately jumped behind me and killed me. Bachaliya, he angrily asked me that why did he go in the water when he can’t swim?

Kailash Kher said ‘I replied die, so he slapped me on the head and scolded me a lot’.

It should be noted that Kailash Kher has given many super hit songs to Bollywood including ‘Ya Raba, Teri Deewani, Arziyan, Allah Ke Bande, Chand Adiyar and others.



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