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Sahar Khan told the story of the terrible incident that happened to him -HP NEWS

Actress Sahar Khan, who is fast emerging in the Pakistani drama industry, mentioned the terrible incident that happened to her.

Actress Sahar Khan participated as a guest in Geonews’ program Hansna Muni Hai, in which she spoke on various topics.

In the program, the host Tabish Hashmi asked Sahar Khan about a scary incident, in response to which the actress mentioned the incident that happened to her.

Sahar Khan said that she was present at a friend’s house with two of her friends and was told by her friend that there was a shadow of an old man in her house. She was laughing while making fun of him.

He said that his friend also forbade him to joke but she continued to laugh and then he said that if there is a creature, show a sign.

Sahar Khan said that at that moment the closed window of the room suddenly started ringing loudly, which scared her, due to fear she could not even remember the prayers and she started saying Islam Alaikum.

The audience in the program was very happy to hear the story of the actress.



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