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Hasnain Lahri’s car has a dangerous accident in Italy, the model miraculously survived -HP NEWS

The model suffered serious injuries after the accident and was rushed to hospital for first aid: Media reports/Photo Instagram

Pakistani supermodel Hasnain Lahri’s car met with a dangerous accident in the European country of Italy, in which her life was miraculously saved.

Hasnain revealed this on his Instagram story, in which he said that the accident happened to him in Italy’s famous tourist spot, Amalfi Coast, after which he got a new life.

The model wrote, ‘I am thankful to God for saving my life, the impact of this accident was very bad, this accident happened at the top of the Amalfi Coast and it could have killed me but I am lucky that miraculously. but survived’.

Photo: Screenshot/Hasnain
Photo: Screenshot/Hasnain

However, Hasnain did not mention on his Instagram story whether he is visiting Italy or shooting.

Some media reports are claiming that Hasnain has gone to Italy for shooting, after the accident he got seriously injured after which he was shifted to the hospital for first aid.



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