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Disney’s decision to lay off 7 thousand employees -HP NEWS

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The famous entertainment company Disney has decided to cut 7 thousand jobs.

From the social networking website Twitter, the news of the dismissal of the employees was coming out, now Disney, which is full of entertainment, has also asked to lay off 7 thousand of its employees.

According to the British news agency, the reduction in the number of employees is part of the plan to make the Disney streaming service profitable and save a lot of money.

According to media reports, Disney’s subscriber base has already declined following the launch of the Disney Video streaming service in 2019.

Bob Egger says that we are working to stimulate creativity in the company, we are confident that we will succeed in our intentions.

Reducing costs will lead to sustainable growth and profitability for our business, better equipping us to weather future disruptions and global economic challenges, and creating a favorable environment for shareholders, he added.

According to media reports, the decision was made by the company in view of the financial report for the last three months of last year, these layoffs will reduce the size of Disney’s work force worldwide by 3.6 percent.



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