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Actress Hira Khan expressed her love to Arsalan by sitting on her knees -HP NEWS

Pakistani actress Hara Khan proposed to actor Arsalan Khan in a unique way by sitting on her knees The video of which is also viral on social media.

Actor Arsalan Khan shared a video on his Instagram account in which actress Hira Khan can be seen proposing marriage to Arsalan in a unique way.

Hira Khan danced to express his love to Arsalan and then got down on his knees and presented the ring to Arsalan and asked, “Will you marry me?” In response to which Arsalan Khan pretended to say ‘yes’.

Photo screen grab

Arsalan Khan wrote in his post on his Instagram account that ‘Love is calm, kind and compassionate, not every fight is meant to be toxic and one person attacking another. You taught me that love is more than butterflies. Taught me that ending a fight is not the end of a relationship, thank you for making me believe, I believe my Fairy Tail exists in this world’.

Arsalan Khan addressed Hara in his post and wrote that ‘You tell me that I have not given you any surprise since we met, so here is a surprise for you who is my best friend! Let’s get married.



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