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Deep wounds of General Musharraf era! -HP NEWS

The Senate of Pakistan refused to pray for forgiveness for General Musharraf’s death. I think that when a Muslim leaves this world, we should pray for his forgiveness. General Musharraf’s case has been entrusted to Allah Ta’ala. Those who refused to pray in the Senate said that General Musharraf was a criminal of this nation who cannot be prayed for.

Whether one disagrees or agrees, what happened in the Senate should serve as a lesson for the rulers. It is also said that rulers will be held to account in the hereafter more severely than any common person. General Musharraf’s death and on this occasion, I would not like to talk about his personality, but his era should be discussed and is being discussed.

If the constitutional and administrative issues can be reviewed on one side of General Musharraf’s period, the most important point for me and millions of Muslims is how was that period for Muslims? For many, the most important issue of that period was that General Musharraf had twice trampled the constitution of Pakistan for himself.

The first time as the army chief ended the then Nawaz Sharif government and imposed martial law in the country and the second time suspended the constitution to save his uniform and saw dozens of judges of the Supreme Court with their children in their homes. closed, on which the court also sentenced him to death after he left power. The process that caused me a lot of pain and suffering during the General Musharraf era was related to the policies adopted after the 9/11 incident and Its consequences for Muslims, Pakistan and our people.

Without consulting anyone, General Musharraf threw Pakistan into America’s so-called war against terrorism, which had serious effects on our beloved country and still we have not been able to get out of those consequences. Everything was handed over to America for the attack on Afghanistan. In other words, they gave their airports to the US to attack their neighboring Muslim country, opened the land and air borders for them, also provided the land of Pakistan to the US for espionage and in this way to kill millions of Muslims there. Because America played a dirty game and the sad thing is that we were with the oppressors at that time, those whom America and Pakistan called Jihadists before 9/11 were killed selectively and those who sympathized with those suffering and this process. Those who said it was wrong were taunted as extremism.

How many Pakistanis were sold by the US for dollars. Even a daughter of Pakistan, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, was handed over to America. Thousands of people in Pakistan were disappeared, many were extrajudicially killed. America’s spy agencies including CIA, FBI and Blackwater were given free rein in Pakistan and started working against Pakistan. In response to General Musharraf’s 9/11 policies, Pakistan saw an unprecedented level of terrorism. No one could ever imagine that their own people would attack their own army here. About eighty thousand civilians and thousands of personnel of army, police, other law enforcement agencies and security agencies were martyred in Pakistan due to this terrorism.

Millions of people were displaced and Pakistan had to bear a loss of one and a half hundred billion dollars. American drones flying from Pakistan’s airports started attacking inside Pakistan, which killed hundreds of people, including women and children, in the name of collateral damage. . Missiles were fired at weddings, madrassas and mosques in the former FATA area and about 80 innocent children were martyred as a result of the attack on just one madrassa. During the Musharraf era, the US pushed its so-called war against terrorism into Pakistan, which caused such damage to us that there is no way to recover.

On the order of General Musharraf, the operation on Lal Masjid and the large number of worshipers present there were brutally martyred, as a result of which terrorism increased greatly in Pakistan. It can be read in Musharraf’s own Chief of General Staff, General Shahid Aziz’s book, “Where is the silence?” General Musharraf raised the slogan of enlightenment in Pakistan for the happiness of the United States, which is here. A new era of shame and indecency began. By killing Akbar Bugti in Balochistan, he gave power to the anti-Pakistan forces there too, which we have not been able to find a solution to.

How can this nation forget the incident of May 12 in Karachi, in which dozens of innocent lives were taken openly, on which General Musharraf waved his fist in a rally in Islamabad and said today, Musharraf? During his tenure, he ruthlessly used the ISI for his political purposes. Q-League was formed, People’s Party and PML-N were broken and when it was necessary for herself, Benazir Bhutto gave more. No one knows what the decision of the late General Musharraf will be in the hereafter, but whenever history refers to the era of General Musharraf, those deep wounds will not be forgotten or erased, some of which I have mentioned in this column. I mentioned

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