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If a boy chooses to marry, it is fine, a girl is not allowed, Maya Ali spoke on double standards -HP NEWS

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Pakistani actress Maya Ali spoke on the issue of choice marriages on different standards for boys and girls in the society.

Maya Ali recently participated in a web show along with actor Bilal Ashraf in which she expressed her displeasure at the society’s separate standards for boys and girls regarding marriage of choice.

He said that if a boy is marrying according to choice, then everything is fine, but if a girl does, then she is not allowed.

Maya Ali said that at least ask the girl about marriage, because our religion also allows it.

Meanwhile, Bilal Ashraf said that our parents have already decided matters regarding the marriage of children in their minds, this should not happen.

Apart from this, Maya Ali said that girls are told to be careful if they wear jeans, sometimes tell boys too, be careful if you ever see a girl passing by.



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