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New Zealand pilot held hostage by separatists in Indonesia -HP NEWS

Photo: Social media

A New Zealand pilot has been taken hostage by separatists in the Indonesian region of Papua.

According to foreign media, the pilot was taken hostage after the separatists landed the plane in the mountainous area and released the five passengers on board to the locals.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has said that the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta is looking into the matter. The small plane of Indonesia’s local airline departed from the airport in Central Papua yesterday morning and returned a few hours later after disembarking the passengers. was

Indonesian authorities say that a search and rescue team is being deployed to recover the pilot.

The separatists say the pilot is safe but will not be released until West Papua’s independence is recognized.

It should be noted that Indonesia’s resource-rich far-eastern provinces have been a battleground for grassroots separatist movements since their controversial annexation by the United Nations in 1969 through a vote by the United Nations. The actions of the likes have suddenly increased.



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