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How do Indian citizens celebrate Valentine’s Day? The government agency gave a unique advice -HP NEWS

14th February is celebrated as International Love Day across the world. Photo file

A key government department in India has given a unique advice to citizens to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February 14 is celebrated as the International Day of Love all over the world, but in India, the government organization working for the welfare of animals has given an interesting advice to the citizens on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

According to Indian media, the Animal Welfare Board of India has appealed to the public to celebrate February 14 as Cow Hug Day to share positive energy and common happiness.

Keep in mind that cow has a religious status in India and is worshiped by a large number of Hindus, which is the reason why cow slaughter is banned in India.

The Animal Welfare Board of India criticized the western culture and said that due to the western culture and culture our religious traditions are on the verge of extinction so February 14 is a day for all people to hug the cow. Celebrate and share happiness with each other.



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