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Indian Prime Minister’s participation in the Parliament session wearing a vest made of plastic bottles -HP NEWS

This is the jacket / screenshot

Around the world, plastic bottles are considered as a major source of environmental pollution and various methods are being worked on to prevent it.

Garments are also being manufactured by recycling plastic bottles and there has been progress on this project in India as well.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Parliament session on February 8 wearing a vest made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Indian Prime Minister also launched a campaign to manufacture uniforms from recycled plastic on February 6.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Chairman SM Vidya said that such vests will be offered for sale in all major cities of India within 3 months.

On the occasion of India Energy Week 2023, he said that such garments will be made by recycling plastic bottles to reduce plastic pollution.

It should be noted that several single-use plastic products have been banned in India in July 2022 as they cannot be recycled.



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