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Why do Jackie Chan movies end in comical blunders? -HP NEWS

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Jackie Chan is known and admired by moviegoers almost all over the world.

Many people in Pakistan also like Jackie Chan movies.

Almost every Jackie Chan film ends with a blooper reel based on the hilarious mistakes and mishaps that occur during shooting.

During the film’s end credits, Jackie Chan’s stunt mistakes during the shoot are shown, and other funny moments are also part of the blooper reel.

But do you know how and why Jackie Chan adopted this tradition?

Since the 1980s, Jackie Chan’s films have featured such comic endings.

The 1982 film Dragon Lord was Jackie Chan’s first film to feature failed stunts and other blunders at the end of the film, making it a tradition for every Asian superstar’s film to end this way.

It is said that Jackie Chan accidentally hit his head on an iron rod while shooting a stunt for the film.

When the actor fell down in pain, the cameraman recorded the footage, which was then played at the end of the film in the form of a blooper reel, which became so popular that it was used in other films by the actor. What happened?

Jackie Chan explains why she adopted this tradition in her autobiography Never Grow Up.

He said that all his films are based on a specific formula.

According to Jackie Chan, all his films must have certain elements that make the audience feel that they are watching Jackie Chan’s films.

This is why Jackie Chan does his own stunts and avoids heart-wrenching violent scenes.

Similarly, blooper reels also make Jackie Chan films unique from other martial arts films.



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