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Video: ‘Little fan didn’t like Pathan’, King Khan couldn’t keep quiet either -HP NEWS

Bollywood movie Pathan is being loved all over the world, but a video of a girl forced Shahrukh Khan to react / file photo

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ is attracting the attention of fans while doing record breaking business, there is also a small fan of Shah Rukh Khan who did not like Bollywood King’s film Pathan.

Bollywood movie Pathan is being loved all over the world but in such a video of such a girl forced Shah Rukh Khan to react.

The girl’s father tagged Shah Rukh Khan while sharing the video on Twitter, in which it can be seen that the girl’s father is asking the girl which movie she has seen, on which the girl in her broken words says Pathan movie. Named.

After that, the father asked if she liked it, and the girl shook her head no.

Shah Rukh Khan reacted to this video and wrote that Oh! Now I have to work harder, the young audience cannot be offended, it is the question of the youth of the country.

The actor clarified the girl’s father in his tweet and further wrote that he can’t know about the children, maybe this is a romantic girl, she will be taken by Dilwale Dulhania, she will be shown.



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