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China refrains from making any mistakes, will respond if American sovereignty is threatened, Joe Biden -HP NEWS

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US President Joe Biden says that China should not make any mistakes, China will respond if it threatens US sovereignty, and we did this last week.

Joe Biden said in his State of the Union address that we are exporting American products, the problem of inflation due to Corona is global, we have created the most job opportunities in 40 years.

The US President said that energy and food problems arose due to the Russia-Ukraine war, we are in a better position than any country in the world, we still have a lot to do, inflation is decreasing in America.

Joe Biden said that gas prices in the United States decreased by $1.50 per gallon, while food prices are also decreasing.

He said that in the last six months, inflation has decreased and people’s incomes have also increased in America. Before I came to power, there was noise that China’s power is increasing, America is getting weaker, now America is at the bottom of the world. Not going.

Biden said that I have made it clear to President Xi that we want competition, not conflict, investment in creative work in the industrial process is the guarantee of the future, China wants to dominate in creative work in the industrial process.

The US President added that we also need the best infrastructure to maintain a strong global economy. America used to be number one in terms of infrastructure, but then it came to 13th place, but now we have released funds for 20,000 projects. .

Joe Biden said that these projects include the construction of highways, bridges, tracks, tunnels, seas and airports, while funds have also been released for clean water and high-speed Internet projects. Thank you too.

The US President said that the Republicans who voted against approving the funds should not worry, they can demand funds for the projects.



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